About Skills4Retail

How we're changing the retail industry

Skills4Retail is revolutionising the retail landscape through pioneering education and training. Our programmes deliver cutting-edge skills that pave the way for a new digital-first generation. 

Europe's retail sector is a vital part of the economy, accounting for 9% of all EU jobs. However, the industry is at a crossroads, and faces a daunting skills gap that’s widened since the pandemic.

Skills4Retail responds to this urgent need by offering targeted training in sustainability and digital technologies, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ and Partnerships For Innovation.

We are committed to upskilling the workforce to navigate the new, tech-forward retail landscape, so businesses and people are equipped for resilience and growth in the post-Covid era.


Our mission

We’re closing the digital skills gap in the European retail workforce, developing a business environment built on sustainability, digital literacy and resilience

Skills4Retail is committed to creating a robust retail industry, where businesses growth aligns with the professional development of people all over Europe.

At the heart of Europe's retail evolution, Skills4Retail is a beacon of progress, uniting diverse talents and visions to drive the industry towards a future that’s green, digital, and resilient.

An inclusive step forward for retail

Skills4Retail is an EU-funded international effort to elevate the retail sector, uniting policymakers, business leaders and educational institutions. We train a diverse range of participants—from front-line employees to senior managers.

We’re committed to inclusivity, delivering qualifications that empower every participant to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Embrace the opportunity for professional growth with Skills4Retail, where innovation meets diversity. Everyone, from small business owners to multinational executives, has access to the skills needed for tomorrow’s retail challenges.