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  1. To collectively contribute to the success of the Skills4Retail projectThe Skills4Retail project focuses on fast-tracking the ‘Triple Transition’ of Green, Digital and Resilience in the Retail sector, helping retailers to embrace ecommerce and ensuring their new business models are sustainable from the start. The project’s goal is to design a new Retail Skills Strategy and VET Training Programme that will address the urgent and emerging skills needs of retailers in the key areas of Digital, Green and Resilience. It will focus on training fresh new talent for the sector through training programmes in VET Schools and Higher Education Institutions, and the reskilling of the existing workforce via work-based learning and short-term modular courses. , which aims to improve the skills and capabilities of the retail workforce in Europe.
  2. To enhance the impact and reach of the project, by pooling our expertise, resources, and networks, ultimately benefiting the retail industry as a whole.


  1. Our organisation commits to participate and actively engage in project activities, lending our expertise and sharing best practices in the retail sector where possible.
  2. Our organisation will collaborate on the development of training programs, workshops, and other initiatives aimed at improving retail skills, employability, and innovation.
  3. Our organisation will actively promote and advocate on behalf of the Skills4Retail project within our respective networks, encouraging other organizations to join the alliance and support itsobjectives.
  4. Our organisation will support the Skills4Retail project through by identifying and providing placements within our organization for new entry level recruits where feasible.

We believe that by working together, we can make a significant positive impact on the retail industry in Europe and collaborate on the Skills4Retail project. 

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