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EPVC, Portugal was created in 1990, with a mission to invest in the development of the trainees' technical skills, combining a solid theoretical training with an enriching practice of Training in a Work Context. It involves the business community in the life of the school, leading them to use it as a place to recruit recognised skilled labour.

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Escola Profissional de Vila do Conde - Partners

Our contribution

to the Skills4Retail project

EPVC will Initially establish a sustainable partnership with all stakeholders in order to drive the development and implementation of new strategic approaches to bridge the current and future skills gap in retail, promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practice between all institutions. It will participate, in person or online, in all the events that take place. In the next phase, it will involve its students and teachers in testing and refining the vocational training programmes, focusing on the skills needed for emerging roles.

EPVC Portugal - Team at work
EPVC Portugal - Team at work

Our mission

EPVC's mission has always been to develop trainees' technical skills and prepare them for their future.

We combine solid theoretical training with the enriching practice of work-based training. This allows them to fit into the different profiles required by the labour market in order to respond to companies’ needs. 

Participating in this project aims to train students with specialised Green, Digital, and Resilience skills for the retail sector and to encourage trainers to use the programmes developed.

Where can you find us

Vila do Conde Office

Rua da Igreja 15, 4480-754 Vila do Conde, Portugal


Rua António Macedo, 80, 4480-730 Vila do Conde, Portugal

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We are thrilled for your participation. Members of the Skills for Retail shall be reaching out to you for next steps to be engaged in the Alliance.

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